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Our New 'Little Collection'

We are so happy to share that we have added 4 new bounce houses for you to choose from! Our Little Collection includes: the Little Classic, a white 8x8 bouncer with a slide entrance; the Little Modern, a pale blue 8x8 bouncer with a slide entrance; the Little Classic Plus, a white 8x8 bouncer featuring a ball pit entrance area for extra fun; and our Mini Classic, a dusty blue 6x6 bouncer with slide entry, perfect for the littlest bounce house fans!

We're are also excited to introduce our new Brand New Experience! We now offer luxe dome tent rentals for an intimate gathering with friends, family, or a special someone. With this experience, you can enjoy everything from glamping, sleepovers and stargazing to picnics, a private proposal, a romantic dinner, or just good old family fun.


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