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Little Bounce Company, LLC
Rental Agreement and Liability Waiver


Terms of Use Policies and Applicable Fees associated with negligence of Terms of Use and/or Equipment Use


1. The Customer agrees to notify all Participants, and their parents or guardians of 'Use at Own Risk" policy. As the Customer of the Rental Equipment, the safety of all Participants shall be the Customer's sole responsibility.

2. Adult supervision is required when Participants are using the Equipment. The Customer understands that Little Bounce Company is not responsible for the supervision of Participants while Equipment is in use.

3. The weight and Participant capacity for the Rental Equipment is listed below and must be strictly followed. 

4. Little Bounce Company recommends for safety that Inflatable Participants be 2 years of age or older

5. All Participants must remove shoes, jewelry, keys, eyeglasses, and any other loose or sharp objects before entering the Inflatable, as these items are prohibited. No additional toys such as balls or pinatas may be brought into the Inflatable, as toys and any other items that may cause damage are prohibited. These items are prohibited. The only approved items allowed are the balls provided by Little Bounce Company, which must remain in Ball Pit if included with Bounce House and must not be taken from Ball Pit area for any reason. Participants shall not throw the provided balls as this may cause injury to other participants. Pets are not allowed on or near any Rental Equipment.  Absolutely NO sharp objects shall be in, near or around the Equipment as these items may cause irreparable damage. Absolutely no leaning, hanging, pulling or playing with netting or plastic dome cover as this may cause rips, tears, or holes. A repair fee or replacement of unit will be assessed if the Equipment is damaged/irreparable due to any of the above instances and/or negligence to any part of Little Bounce Company’s Rental Agreement and Policies.

6. For safety and cleanliness purposes & in order to return the rental in the same condition as it was during drop-off to avoid additional fees, NO food, drinks, gum, candy, "silly string", paint, crepe paper or crepe streamers, glowsticks, confetti, glitter or any other material that may cause staining are allowed in, on or near the Equipment, as it does irreparable damage & may result in a replacement of the bounce house by the Lessee. No smoking within 25 feet of the Equipment. Equipment found with banned items or debris will result in a cleaning fee of $75 & may result in a full unit replacement. Use of Food/Drinks in the Luxe Dome Tent must be pre-approved.

7. To avoid neck, back and other bodily injuries - no wrestling, flips or rough housing is permitted in, on or from Equipment. Participants shall not jump out of Inflatable, climb sides or walls, or bounce against the sides or near the entry platform of the Inflatable. Participants shall not run into or out of any Equipment. Participants must not lean, hang, pull or play with netting. Keep hands away from net at all times.  

8. Anyone with head, back, neck or any muscular-skeletal injuries or disabilities, pregnant women and others who may be susceptible to injury from falls bumps or bouncing are not permitted in the Inflatable at any time.

9. Do NOT allow older Children to jump with younger Children.

10. Keep the Equipment away from heat & open flame at all times, material will burn or melt. If the Inflatable begins to lose air, make your way to the exit immediately.

11. If the Equipment loses power, begins to deflate during operation or there is any reason to stop the Equipment’s use, the Adult Supervisor should immediately assist Participants with safe evacuation from the Inflatable.

12. Equipment MUST be secured to the ground at all times to prevent tipping or injury. At no time should the Equipment be removed from installed location.

13. Equipment should not be used in inclement weather including winds exceeding 15mph sustained, rain and thunderstorms. If such weather occurs, the Inflatable must be evacuated, and the Blower must be turned off, unplugged from outlet, and taken to a dry area.

14. All Participants shall be kept away from the Blower(s) used to inflate the Bounce House.

15. Use common sense in supervising use of the Equipment. If something does not look right to you, stop the activity or occurrence immediately.

16. Equipment set-up location/area must be flat, dry, and clear of rocks or any other debris to ensure the safety of Participants. A 15-foot overhead clearance is needed, as well as a 3-foot or more perimeter, around the Inflatable. It is the Customer's responsibility to clean area prior to set up, removing any debris, furniture and/or pet poop.

17. Do not operate the Equipment when raining or if the ground is wet. Risk of serious injury due to slipping hazards and electric shock from the Blower can occur if wet conditions exist. Sprinkler systems must be shut off during the Rental Period. Water damage may result in a $75 cleaning or repair fee.

18. The Customer assumes full responsibility for any damage or loss to Equipment while in their possession.

19. The Customer is responsible for providing power to operate Equipment. A grounded 3-prong outlet must be used & must be within 100' of the Inflatable. 

20. In case of power failure at the specified set up location, Little Bounce Company is not responsible for any refunds.

21. Little Bounce Company is not responsible for any heat or sun-related injuries or illnesses, including sunstroke, sunburn, or dehydration; nor is it responsible for fatigue, chill and/or dizziness.

Do not exceed the maximum weight limit at any time. Do not exceed the recommended maximum occupancy for each age

group (not to exceed maximum weight limit, as occupancy of persons is secondary to maximum weight limit).

Adult supervision is always required when Participants are using any Rental Equipment.


12x10 Classic White and 12x10 Modern White Bounce House

- Maximum Weight Limit: 800lbs

- Suitable for Adults and Children


Maximum Occupancy is as follows:

3-5 Years: 6 persons

6-8 Years:         5 persons  

9-12 Years:       4 persons

13+ Years:         3 persons


8x8 Little Classic and 8x8 Little Modern Bounce House

8x8 Little Classic Bounce House with Ball Pit

Maximum User Weight: 60lbs. | Max Overall Weight: 180lbs

Maximum Occupancy: 2-5 children at one time | Suitable for children ages 2 -8 years old only

6x6 Mini Modern Bouncer

Maximum User Weight: 40 lbs. | Max Overall Weight: 120lbs

Maximum Occupancy: 2-5 children at one time | Suitable for children ages 2 -5 years old only

LUXE Dome Tent

Maximum Occupancy: 2-6 persons at one time | Suitable for children and adults of all ages


In consideration of the services and or property provided, I (“Lessee”), for myself and any minor Children for which I am the parent, legal guardian, or otherwise responsible, any heirs, personal representatives, or assigns, do hereby release Little Bounce Company, its Principals, Directors; Officers, Agents, Employees and Volunteers from any liability and waive any claim for damages arising from any cause whatsoever (except that which is gross negligence). I further agree to reimburse you for all attorney's fees and legal costs should I bring legal action against you and lose.

Non-refundable Booking Deposit & Cancellation Policy

A $50 non-refundable deposit is due at time of Reservation to book your Rental Date. Your non-refundable deposit will be applied to the total reservation fee. Upon processing your deposit, you will receive a Rental Agreement, Policies, Liability Release to sign. Upon receipt of your signature, you will receive an invoice via email within 48 hours for the remaining balance of your reservation, including any add-ons (if applicable). Payment is due prior to OR at the time of delivery. Payment may be made prior to delivery by Debit/Credit using the secure payment link located on the invoice in your email OR in person via Venmo(@littlebounceco), Apple Pay, or Cash. When paying with cash we ask for exact change as we do not carry change. 


If Little Bounce Company receives notice of your cancellation prior to delivery due to inclement weather, we will gladly reschedule your event up to 1 year from your initial Rental Date. Unless written agreement has been made, we cannot refund your initial deposit, but we can refund any remaining balance if you choose not to reschedule. We will also allow you to gift your Booking deposit to a friend/family member to use within 1 year. 


Little Bounce Company reserves the right to make cancellations as necessary due to inclement weather such as precipitation, high winds or other acts of nature or other dangerous circumstances that may jeopardize safety.

Duty of Participants

It is recognized that some recreational activities conducted by Little Bounce Company are hazardous to Participants regardless of all feasible safety measures which we can take. All Participants shall have a duty to act reasonably prudent when engaging in the recreational activities offered by Little Bounce Company, referred to hereafter as Little Bounce Company. I hereby covenant and agree not to condone, initiate, or take part in:

(a) any act which shall interfere with the running or operation of this Rental Equipment when such activities conform to the rules and regulations of the State of North Carolina

(b) any use of Little Bounce Company Equipment or Facilities or Services if I do not have the ability to use such Equipment, Facilities or Services safely with Instructions until I have requested and received sufficient instruction to permit safe usage.

(c) or engage in any harmful conduct or willfully, or negligently engage in any type or conduct which contributes to or causes injury to any one person

(d) or to embark on any self-initiated activity without first informing Little Bounce Company in written form of my intentions or receiving in writing permission from Little Bounce Company to engage in such self-initiated activity.

(e) the use of the Equipment while under the influence of alcohol and or drugs or other intoxicating substances.

Acknowledgment and Acceptance of Risk - "Use at Own Risk Policy"

I acknowledge and understand that the activity that I am about to voluntarily engage in as a Participant and/or Volunteer bears certain known risks and unanticipated risks which could result in injury, death, illness or disease, physical or mental, or damage to myself, to my property, or spectators or other third parties. I, being aware that this activity entails risk or injuries to myself and risk or injury to spectators or third parties as a result of my actions expressly agree, covenant, and promise to accept and assume all responsibility and risk for injury death, Illness, or disease, or damage to myself or mv property arising from participation in this activity. I also agree to pay for any damages caused by others (including attorneys' fees or costs) if they are injured or otherwise damaged due to any negligent actions. My participation in this activity is purely voluntary; no one is forcing me to participate, and I elect to participate despite the known and unknown risks.

Acknowledgment of Responsibility of Equipment and Use of Equipment

I acknowledge that if any rented items or Equipment are returned to Little Bounce Company in a damaged or destroyed condition, or if any such items are not returned to Little Bounce Company for any reason, I shall pay Little Bounce Company the full monetary value of the missing or damaged items in addition to the accrued total Rental amount. If Rental Equipment is torn, punctured, or damaged by unnecessary rough usage, unsupervised action(s), or by any means whatsoever notwithstanding normal wear and tear, I agree to pay LBC the estimated costs of repair or replacement to such Equipment. 


Cleaning and/or Repair Fees may be assessed by Little Bounce Company following the Rental agreement if the condition of the equipment upon pick-up has been compromised by negligence to any single part of Little Bounce Company’s Rental Agreement and Policies. Customer agrees Little Bounce Company may be in contact for any fees assessed within 24 hours of event date. If contact has not been made or attempted by Little Bounce Company to the Customer within 24 hours, the Customer shall not be responsible for any applicable fees associated to the Rental Equipment. If contact has been attempted and can cannot be made between Little Bounce Company and Customer due to unresponsive actions for any period of time by the Customer, the Customer shall be responsible for any fees associated with Equipment as well as judgment fees, attorney costs, and any other potential costs associated with attempts made to contact the Customer.

Liability Insurance 

Little Bounce Company is fully insured. We carry General Liability insurance with coverage up to $1 million through Evolution Insurance Brokers, LLC. A copy of our insurance binder is always available to you upon request. A service charge may apply to those wishing to be named as an additional insured on our policy. Any such fee is due and payable once the certificate is requested whether or not the rental ever occurs.

Loss and Damage Policy

Lessee is responsible for any loss or damage to the Equipment and for their return in the same condition in which they were received, except for ordinary wear and tear. By acknowledging the Damage Policy, Lessor agrees to waive Lessor's right to recover from Lessee the amount of loss of or damage to the Equipment while in Lessee’s possession except that Lessee will be responsible for the first $100.00 on damage/replacement costs in those instances where the damage/replacement cost is greater than $500.00. Lessee agrees to immediately notify Lessor of any accident and promptly submit any applicable police reports. Notwithstanding the foregoing, Lessor's liability for loss of, or damage to the Equipment will not be waived in the following circumstances:

  1. Any item or part thereof which is not returned, irrespective of the reason, including theft.

  2. Careless or abusive operation or use of the Equipment.

  3. Use or operation of the Equipment exceeding its rated capacity.

  4. Damage resulting from negligence of the Terms of Use.

  5. Stains, scuffs, punctures or any other damage resulting from banned items brought into the inflatable.

  6. Operation or use of the Equipment in a manner inconsistent with the instructions of the Equipment manufacturer.

  7. Damage resulting from vandalism, malicious mischief, or intentional abuse.

  8. Damage to any accessories such as electric cords, heating ducts, and similar items.

  9. Damage resulting from overturning.

  10. Damage resulting from self-pickup or return while in transit.

  11. Damage resulting from use of the Equipment in violation of any terms of this Rental Contract.

Disclaimer of Warranties

Little Bounce Company makes no warranty of any kind, either express or implied, as to the condition of, or performance of, any leased Equipment. Lessee agrees to immediately cease use of the Equipment & contact Little Bounce Company if any of the lease Equipment develops any indication defect or improper working conditions. Lessee agrees to use the Equipment at Lessee’s own risk.

Hold Harmless Provisions

Lessee agrees to indemnify and hold Little Bounce Company harmless from any and all claim, actions, suits, proceedings, costs, expenses, fees, damages, and liabilities, including, but not limited to, reasonable attorney’s fees and costs, arising by reason of injury, damage, or death to persons or property, in connection with or resulting from the use of the leased Equipment. This includes, but is not limited to, the manufacture, selection, delivery, possession, use, operation, or return of the Equipment. Lessee hereby releases and holds harmless Little Bounce Company from injuries or damages incurred as a result of the use of the leased Equipment. Little Bounce Company cannot, under any circumstances, be held liable for injuries as a result of inappropriate use, God, nature, or other conditions beyond its control or knowledge. Lessee also agrees to indemnify and hold harmless Little Bounce Company from any loss, damage, theft, or destruction of the Equipment during the term of the lease and any extensions thereof.

Breach, Indemnity & Arbitration

In the event that Lessee breaches any of the terms of this lease, that Lessee will pay for all consequential damages and further indemnify Little Bounce Company for all costs incurred by Little Bounce Company, incurred in enforcing the terms of the lease or in defending any claim or lawsuit arising out of the operation of said Equipment, including the amount of any judgment, attorney’s fees, and costs.

Additional Terms of Lease

Little Bounce Company is not responsible for bad weather, disruption of electrical service and/or unfavorable conditions that may arise following set up and/or during Rental Period and no charges or fees will be reimbursed as a result. Lessee agrees not to operate the Equipment in a manner contrary to this contract and the rules of use for each piece of Equipment. If Lessee operates or utilizes the Equipment in a manner contrary to the contract and rules of use for the Equipment, and the Equipment is damaged, Lessee agrees to pay the cost or repair or full replacement value of any damaged Equipment. Lessee agrees that the Equipment leased is for Lessee’s own use and said Equipment is not to be loaned, sub-let, mortgaged or in any other manner disposed of by Lessee. Lessee further agrees to be liable for any loss of said Equipment by reason of fire, theft, or any other cause.

Balloon Garland Disclaimer

Little Bounce Co, LLC will not be held liable for latex and mylar balloons, once they are out of our care.   We cannot guarantee that your balloons decorations will last for a certain period of time, once the balloons have been delivered and/or installed.  Please keep in mind that environmental conditions such as weather conditions (i.e. rain, snow, heat, winds, etc.), children, pets, surfaces or foliage, can impact the lifespan of the balloons.  Little Bounce Company will replace the balloons that pop during the transportation and installation process.   Little Bounce Company  uses only the highest quality balloons and materials for special events.   Balloon colors may differ online due to customized color combinations, photo filters and edits.  As latex is a natural product, balloons will begin oxidizing within hours of delivery. This means that your balloons may begin to give off a velvety sheen and begin to look differently than when first delivered or installed. This is a natural process and cannot be reversed.


Balloon Care

  • Store balloons in a cool, dry environment and out of direct sunlight. 

  • On hot days, or in direct sunlight, balloons may pop within an hour.  The same result can occur indoors, if balloons are exposed to direct sunlight through windows.

  • Very cool environments may cause helium molecules to shrink, reducing the size and float time of balloons.

  •  Keep balloons away from any type of cool breeze for maximum float time. 

  • Do not inhale helium from a balloon.  Inhaling helium can result in asphyxiation (loss of consciousness due to insufficient oxygen).

  • Do not leave balloons in vehicles unattended. 

  • Do not release balloons outdoors.  Power failures can result if these balloons become entangled in electric lines.  Moreover, latex balloon materials are harmful to animals if ingested. 

  • Keep balloons away from sharp objects.

  • Latex and/or foil balloons are in no way heat or cold resistant. The gases within balloons expand and contract in hot or cold conditions. Some popping or shrinking may occur depending on the conditions surrounding your balloon display.

  • Constant adult supervision for children and pets is strongly recommended when balloons are present as balloons, broken or uninflated, present a choking hazard and should be disposed of immediately in proper trash receptacle.   


Balloon Releases

Little Bounce Co, LLC does not participate in balloon releases of any kind, regardless of the number of balloons requested by the Client. Little Bounce Company has the right to refuse or book a service involving balloon releases. 

Balloon Hazard for Children and Pets

Because of the danger of suffocation and choking hazard, adult supervision is required. Children under 9 years of age and pets can choke on uninflated or broken balloons. Keep uninflated and broken balloons away from children and pets. Discard broken balloons immediately in a proper trash receptacle. The Client is responsible for supervising all use, and preventing all misuse or abuse of balloons, equipment and materials related to the event.


Rental Agreement and Liability Release Defined Terms

For the entirety of this Rental Agreement and Liability Release, the following terms used in this agreement and listed below shall be defined as, have the same meaning as and/or shall be interchangeable with, but not limited to, the terms ascribed opposite to them:

  1. Little Bounce Co., LLC: (defined as the entity offering Rental services); Agents, Company, Employees, LBC, Lessor, Little Bounce Company, Owners, Operators, and Volunteers

  2. Customer: (defined as the name identified and signed on this agreement); Adult Responsible, Contact Person, Lessee, Payee, Renter, Representative, Signer

  3. Participant(s): (defined as any individuals included but not limited to handling, operating, supervising, playing in/on, using, or utilizing Equipment); Adults, Adult Supervisor, Children (defined as any individuals under the age of 15), Customer, Guests, Teens

  4. Rental Equipment: (defined as any and all items Rented from Little Bounce Company); Equipment, Artificial Turf Runner(s), Blower(s), Bounce House(s), Extension Cord(s), Facilities, Inflatable(s), Rule Board(s), Sandbag(s), Service(s), Shoe Rack(s), Tarp(s)

  5. Rental Date*: (defined as the Customer’s requested date, of which is chosen, acknowledged, and confirmed by the Customer, during Booking Deposit transaction between Customer and Little Bounce Company, to obtain Rental services provided by Little Bounce Company); Booking, Event, Event Date, Rental Period, Reservation * NOT to be referenced or misinterpreted for [or defined as, having the same meaning as, or interchangeable with] the Date in which the Booking deposit  occurred.

Payment Details

A $50 non-refundable booking deposit is due at the time of booking to reserve your booking date and time. The remaining balance is due at least 24 hours prior to event via Debit/Credit using the secure payment link located on the invoice sent to your email.  If payment is not received 24 hours prior to your event, Little Bounce Company reserves the right to cancel your reservation. 

Entire Agreement

By signing my name on this contract, I, being the Customer, Contact Person, Lessee, Lessee Representative, or other individual assuming the role of Lessee, acknowledge that I have completely read and understand the entirety of this contract and any and all accompanied addendum(s). I understand that I am solely responsible for adhering to the terms set forth above by this Rental Contract Agreement, its accompanied Policies, and any and all accompanied addendum(s).


I understand that this is the entire agreement between me (“Customer”) and Little Bounce Co., LLC and that it cannot be modified or changed in any way by the representations or statements of any Employees of Little Bounce Co., LLC, or myself (“Customer”). My signature below indicates that I (“Customer”) have read this entire document and agree to be bound by its terms.



LBC Representative:       __________Signed Upon Booking____________            Date Signed:   ____SUB_____


Customer Print Name:   __________Signed Upon Booking____________


Customer Signature:       __________Signed Upon Booking____________           Date Signed:   ____SUB_____




Little Bounce Co. LLC

Est. 2022 | Raleigh, North Carolina


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